Just Yesterday

Just Yesteday: album cover

As tingles paint our laughter pink under moonlit skies, cosmic flowers blossom into view, as melody and rhyme. Анна, to whom this collection is dedicated, is the inspiration for any dulcet, sultry tones your heart may encounter while drinking in the pure and natural elements of these fresh new songs.

“Just Yesterday” is an original and unlikely assortment of Country Pop, Country Blues, Classic Country, Country Rock, and Country Folk tracks; telling stories of life and love we’ve all been through. I just decided to totally be myself with this album — with the writing, artistry, and production. So I’m playing most of the parts on most of the songs, and there is more of a pure, organic band vibe.

Joining me are Lady Rebecca Jade on secondary vocals, Matthew Spencer on lead guitar and bass, Allan Phillips on percussion, and Michael Surprenant on drums. I’m singing lead vocals, playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and keyboard on most songs. An ensemble from the San Diego Symphony moves the heart into swelling emotion in unexpected places.

Stories Behind the Songs

  1. All My Love, All My Days, All Ways: This moving ballad ardently renders my search for the woman of my dreams, and the unbridled passion, love, and magic experienced when finding her!
  2. Behind a Good Man: This hill-country blues track instantly pulls the listener into its foot-stomping rhythms and catchy hooks, while moving from an acoustic barnyard dance to a full-on highway rocker. It’s a classic country tale enhanced by both the gentle caress and full-on fire of a Southern goddess!
  3. Just Yesterday: Emerging from southern rock roots, this upbeat country hit tells the story of an unlikely yet mesmerizing romantic connection, wedding bells and promises, relationship struggles, and the courage to work things out. It is a song about love’s transformative power!
  4. Love Bug: Sweet, sexy, playful, and provocative; this raw country rocker reminds us how consuming a bite from the love bug can be. When bitten we are smitten into euphoric dizziness, infatuated memory loss, and the overpowering urge to share our bodies night and day!
  5. Speechless: From a page that’s not yet in the book, this sweet, sensual pop ballad reveals the depths of my raw, romantic style. Chorus vocals reflect the state of being speechless. What else can I say???
  6. It Don’t Come Easy: Classic blue tones shade the corners of this sonic portrait, depicting that all-too-familiar predicament characterized by the realization that we are deep in an unhealthy relationship and need to find our way out.
  7. The Girl Next Door: A dark pop tragedy portraying a life of rejection and disappointment, ending in suicide; this track begs the listener to dig a little deeper. It’s music video was created as a suicide prevention tool, and in its Description, you will find Emergency and Suicide Prevention numbers from every country in the world. Together we can turn the world around!
  8. Lucia: An epic folk ballad — it’s all about the story. “Lucia” is a true-love story about riveting adventure, zesty passion, and heroic sacrifice taking place on lush Kauai and the Mediterranean Spanish shores. Please join me in celebrating Lucia’s courage, strength, and dignity. as she selflessly fights for love and justice!